Friday, November 13, 2009

Pictures (to follow the last post)

Thirteen Hours Going Strong

Photo caption: Victoria is thrown off-guard by her mysterious doorman Chris's compliments

We had a great opening weekend, all things considered, with receptive crowds and no huge mishaps, which is more than I can say for many opening weekends I've been party to. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend when some people I know are coming to see it.

The space we are working in is TEENY TINY, which is hands down the biggest obstacle with doing this show. I don't care how small the cast and how pared down the theatrics, musicals are just not conducive to intimate seating. So far we have only had two people sit in the front row (what I've named 'the splash zone') so we haven't had much to contend with, but this Saturday there's going to be a huge crowd and we can no longer avoid the inevitable.

I was feeling decently pleased with my personal performance so far..until I saw these pictures. Every single one seems to catch me either looking upstage, at the ground, or just totally out of it. I'd like to blame the spacing but it's probably more to do with my irksome tendency to pull myself out of the moment and "watch" myself. Of course, I might could blame the photography. I won't know for sure until I see the video.

But I have high hopes for the rest of our run, and considering our budget of nothing combined with no rehearsal and essentially no performance space, I think we have a great show. I encourage everyone to come out and see it.